Sunday, August 25, 2013

Eating Healthy: Vegan Style

1.  Chickpea African Stew
2.  White kidney beans and kale stew
3.  Salad with herbs (dill), strawberries and faux Souvlaki (Yves) and sesame seed dressing
I'm always trying to live a healthier lifestyle.  Of course, sometimes I 'fall off the wagon' and eat bagels for lunch with vegan chocolate chips on the side.  Here's some meals I've made lately that were more nutritious and tasted good!  The first two were recipes from this book:
I think I might purchase the book (I borrowed it from the library).  I really liked utilizing our crockpot for once, and liked how it made a few meals so we could freeze some if we wanted to.  



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  1. wow these look delicious! thanks for sharing :)