Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Three Months With Story

Another excerpt from my baby journal:

"Story is currently sleeping on the bed in her strawberry hoodie.  V is ordering Indian takeout, and we're going to walk downtown to pick it up with Story in her boba carrier.  This weekend Buskerfest is going on downtown.

She really wants to sit up now, but doesn't quite have the control to do so yet.  Every morning Story gets diaper free floor time under her gym set and plays with her koala, butterfly and bird.  She listens to Elizabeth Mitchell's folk music for kids (and adults-it's really nice music).  Story is on the verge of giggling and loves to smile at mom and herself in the mirror.  Yesterday Savannah the cat rubbed herself against Story and she smiled and giggled.  She also reached out to touch Mahjong (the pug) too.

I've been to 2 Barefoot Parenting aka Attachment/Natural Parenting mom's groups.  Story really likes seeing other babies in motion.  Yesterday one baby named Sydney crawled over and stuck her finger in Story's mouth unexpectedly.  Story didn't really react to it, but I thought it was funny.

We've been venturing out in the stroller now (starting week 13), and Story seems to not mind it.  She cried and got very upset the first two stroller rides, but now we walk all around the neighborhood and she is content.  Sometimes she falls asleep.  Her dad loves to wear her in the Boba carrier, and prefers to walk in the woods than downtown."

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