Monday, August 12, 2013

Two Months With Story

Here is an excerpt from my baby journal I am keeping:

"She is getting good head control now and likes to turn her head from side to side.  Story tracks things with her eyes, and really likes to watch her pink bird mobile and mamaroo mobile.  She still goes to sleep around midnight, but has been sleeping longer-around 4 hour stretches now.  She still needs to be nursed to sleep.  Story has been doing well at tummy time, and tried to grab toys now.  People think she is going to be right handed because she predominantly uses that one.  She smiles a lot and tries to 'talk.'  She also sleeps a lot in the mornings, and is usually a happy when she first wakes up.  We've upgraded her to Fuzzibunz diapers and Flip Covers because she has grown a fair bit and no longer fits her newborn cloth diapers.  We cannot use disposable wipes because she gets rashes.

May 13th 2013 11 weeks 1 day

Story rolled over from tummy to back twice today! V was able to witness it first.

We also attended her baby shower at V's work.  Story was passed around from stranger to stranger, but didn't cry once!  Although, she did save up a giant runny poop for 2.5 days and let it loose in the hands of a cheerful lady.  She's currently in her bassinet talking to her birds, and clenching her fists like she's trying to box.  She really likes to examine her fists.

This week we are attending a reunion at the midwives clinic (this turned out to be a bust because only one other person showed up for the reunion!) and Story is getting another vaccination at her doctors (currently we have stopped vaccines... more discussion to follow).  We'll also visit her grandpa (my dad) for his 60th birthday!  "

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