Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Six Month Photoshoot

So much has happened recently!  Her ability to sit up on her own (being spotted of course), first foods, being more vocal, loving her jolly jumper and exercauser.  We've been going to mom and baby yoga classes, family yoga (with daddy!) and Kindermusik classes too!  As soon as she was able to sit up we booked a session to have some professional photos taken.  I'm excited to see what they look like!  We did so many different poses, including a Star Wars shot, Harry Potter scene, and some girly shots.  She did surprisingly well considering she didn't nap before we left, it was the hottest day of the year (record breaking almost for over 30 years), and it must have been weird with everyone shaking toys at her trying to get her to smile over and over again.  Anyway, we are still pretty much EBF (exclusively breastfeeding), because she doesn't like food too much yet.  We have been experimenting with baby-led weaning and purees.  She's still sleeping in bed with us, which makes it really cozy, but at least it's easier to nurse her throughout the night.  Every day she gets a bit more mobile, so she will be crawling soon!

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