Wednesday, November 13, 2013

10 Things That I Am Thinking About

So, I probably visit this space a few times a week with antsy feelings that I should post at least once a week.  But for some reason, all I seem to be able to manage is to post Story's monthly photo shoots!  Sure, it's not like I'm super busy with not working, although, I guess I kinda am in some way.  I'm also having trouble sorting out what I'd like to post.  There are things that I'm currently obsessing about, and I do have thoughts other than breastfeeding and changing a baby's diaper.  So, in this post I am just going to list everything that's on my mind lately.  Here's a spoiler... they might revolve around a baby.  lol

1.  Apple crisp (it's currently in the slow cooker!)
2.  Waldorf Schooling (I've been taking Story there for the Babes in Arms class):  both becoming an ECE instructor there, and having Story attend school there.
3.  Knitting.  I need to cast on and knit some wool balls for Story to play with!
4.  "Finding Hogwarts," (dvd on Harry Potter fandom that I received in the mail).  I NEED to watch it.
5.  Exercise-what does it look like PP?  I've been doing a bit on the exercise bike, but would like to have a regular routine.
6.  Christmas/birthday (for Story)-trying to figure out how to be minimalistic and purchase the most practical and natural toys for her.
7.  Purging... purging... purging... trying to get the house more organized.
8.  Baby proofing (watching Story suck on the cable splitter yesterday was not enjoyable).
 9.  Starting a collab Youtube channel starring some diverse moms.
10.  Kegels.  Dammit.  I never do enough of them.

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