Sunday, November 17, 2013

8 Month Photoshoot

As you can tell, Story does not want to stay in one spot for very long.  She can sit up really good on her own, roll onto her tummy and crawl around.  She hasn't mastered the full upright crawl yet, but her caterpillar crawl is still pretty darn fast. She's still not eating too many solids.  I'm leaning towards baby-led weaning more, because every time I take the time to puree something she purses her lips together and pushes the spoon away.  She likes to feel the mushy food in her hands, but not in her mouth.  So right now she's experimenting with steamed carrot sticks, bread crust, melon, steamed broccoli, asparagus, oatmeal, and cooked apple.  Still weighing about 20 pounds, and is in the 95% percentile for height.  She loves her taggie toy, sippy cup, egg shaker, and pots from the kitchen.  V still reads to her before bed.  Her one tooth is growing in nicely and I don't see any more signs of other teeth yet.  We're still co-sleeping, breast feeding on demand, and use both her stroller and Boba carrier.  Because of her length, she's wearing clothes anywhere from 9 months to 18 months. We have baby proofed the house quite a bit more.  I'd considered the upstairs to be pretty safe.  Wires are covered, outlets covered, cupboard doors protected, and we tend to keep the bathroom door and basement door shut and locked.  I am trying to make our upstairs living room into a baby friendly space that encourages family time.  So, we moved our t.v downstairs so it is out of site.  We've set up an Ikea unit in the family room so her toys are easily accessible.  She's getting along with the cats and dogs really well, except for a small incident the other day.  While trying (a little to aggressively) to pet Bodhi, he struck out and scratched her face.  Luckily he missed her eye, and it showed us that we need to make sure we keep a better eye on the baby-cat relations.  Aside from that, they all get along, and currently Mahjong is sleeping at her feet. 

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