Sunday, November 17, 2013

Baby's First Halloween!

I love Halloween!  Every year we carve a pumpkin, buy candy to hand out, and dress up the dogs.  When I work, I usually dress up too.  This year was Story's first, but being only 8 months old I wanted to be practical, so we purchased a ladybug onesie complete with antennas at Sears for 8 bucks.  Kindermusik happened to fall on Halloween which was perfect.  All the babies were dressed up, and Story was one of 3 ladybugs, although she was the only one who had on that particular costume.  There was also a dragon, teddy bear and a turkey.  It was like a mini Halloween party with all the babies dressed up.  I also went on a walk to purchase some goodies at the local bakery, where I got a mummy ginger bread for free (because Story was so cute in her costume).  Before trick or treaters came, my MIL made us some tastey fajitas and we snapped some pictures of us all with the dogs in their annual costumes.  Later on we had some laughs while Willow attempted to pull Mahjong's pig costume off.  Sadly, we only got about 12 kids or so at our door.  I'm guessing it's a combination of poor weather (although it wasn't that bad-a little wet, but warm), and less interest in trick or treating?  I get the feeling kids do other things these days like attend parties or indoor gatherings instead of walking door to door.  Anyway, it was a fun day! 

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