Monday, December 30, 2013

First Christmas 2013

Story turned 10 months on Christmas Eve!  There has been a whirl wind of outings and dinners, and I'm happy to say that she's done really well.  On Christmas Eve we went to V's parents house for their Lithuanian (Kūčios) feast.  It involves lots of fish (supposed to be 12 courses I think), but there are some vegan delights such as the beet-bean salad, and the perogies (stuffed with veggie cheese and broccoli!  yum!).  His mom was kind enough to even make vegan desserts, such as chocolate ginger short bread and blueberry squares.  On Christmas day we had my dad over, and we made our first vegan Christmas dinner that included a Gardein Veggie Loaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, broccoli, cranberry sauce... all the typical holiday fixings.  THEN, on boxing day we had another get together with family and takeout chinese food.  Wow!  So.  Much.  Food. 

It was lovely to see Story with her great grandma's, who are 91 and 92 years old!  I took lots of video footage, because I'm sure she will love to see that when she's older.  I have no memory of some of my older relatives, and it would be nice to have that. 

Story got some lovely presents, including a sleigh, B Zany Zoo activity cube, Doug and Melissa puzzle, and some wooden toys from us.  I'm really big on the wooden and natural toys, and was happy that it wasn't a plastic fiesta.  

I can't believe New Years Eve is tomorrow!  We've been so busy that time has been flying by. 

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